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The Sun Heart Initiation

Divine Union Begins Within

With Eden Amadora | Begins September 8, 2021




You are invited to join me in a sacred, three month, online journey to meet the beloved within and reclaim your wholeness and sovereignty.


You will be held within a powerful container, a light council, as I guide you to accelerate your awakening and transform all of your relationships—especially your relationship with self, your soul, and Source.


During our three months together, you will be lovingly guided through powerful inner journeys in a safe and sacred space as I lead you through gateways of initiation to uncover your core confidence, raise your frequency, and recover the ability to trust the guidance within your heart.


“All relationships are sacred when we bring the sacred to them.” 

Eden Amadora

When your vessel is properly prepared and the sincere prayer of your heart aligned, the holy temple of your body and the creative power of your essence light merge. This alchemy creates a direct experience of divine union within.  

The Sun Hear tawakens.

This ignited star illuminates and guides you to live your full potential where you walk as love embodied, lighting the path before you.


This is a powerfully creative and liberated way to move through the world.


Take this alchemical journey with me and discover what is possible as you ignite the full radiance of your Sun Heart.

Through this sacred portal, you will: 

  • Bring forgotten parts of you home

  • Transmute unworthiness and shame 

  • Reclaim your spark, confidence, and embodied radiance 

  • Feel a return of vitality, creativity, and freedom

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies

  • Become an evolutionary change agent   

  • Usher in and activate the Age of the Heart

The Sun Heart Initiation is an immersive and experiential journey. You’ll deeply shift unconscious beliefs and patterns, preparing you to commune with your Inner Beloved at a core level.


When this happens, you will experience a direct, embodied and lasting change, rippling through every aspect of your life.

Are you ready to be witnessed and celebrated as you come into communion with the beloved within?


Are you ready to activate, awaken, and align with your Heart Star, your true essence, your very soul?


We have come.


The activation has begun. 

We have no choice now, but to 

burn brighter, to

illuminate & inspire. 


It is time to awaken & rise. 

It is time for our Starseeds 

to blossom into

Heart Stars.


Become the effulgent sun you are destined to be:

A light unto the world. 


Love catalyzes your Sun Heart to ignite. 


We are amplifying this love-light across the planet,

bringing Heaven to Earth. 


Together we rise.

During our 13 weeks together, you’ll receive weekly:


  • Live, 1.5hr online classes; recorded in case you can’t come live

  • Teachings & assignments with deepening practices 

  • Mentoring


+ a Private FB group—to connect and grow community with other Sun Heart member


  1. Sun Heart Mastery Circle: 90 minute Live Group Video Call with a special Shamanic Soul Song activation to invoke the remembrance of your divine essence. This will serve as a foundation for us to be the pillars of this great work, coming together in intimate communion. Q&A session at the end so we can get to know one another even more. ​ ($130 value)

  2. Archetypal Embodiment Series: 10 videos including intros and instructions on how to use the embodiment practices, sound transmissions, mudras, mantras, and the gentle, deeply feminine, flow yoga in your daily life.​ ($300 value)



You may step-in and join me in one of three different levels of training … each of which has a corresponding investment with the option of a payment plan.  


  1. SunRise—Online group coaching

  2. SunShine—Online group coaching + 1:1 mentoring  

  3. SunBurst—Online group coaching + 1:1: mentoring +

       in-person retreat

Over 13 weeks, through powerful transmissions, guided journeys, archetypal mentoring, and soulful inner work, you’ll radically transform the way you feel, see, and believe things to be. 


I will lead you through processes I have used as an ordained priestess, shamanic facilitator, and yogic embodiment guide to transmute and integrate past wound stories—imprinted beliefs that have kept you in victimized thinking, scarcity, and separation.


You will experience an unshielding of your heart and the liberation of your creative life force.


As we work together…

You’ll remember who you are.

The power you are. The love you are.


  • Move from the separation consciousness that holds you back and begin activating the next octave of your awakening

  • Rise into an embodied sense of sovereignty, empowerment, and balance in your life

  • Feel more confident, compassionate, loving, and aware of yourself and others, raising your frequency and opening the flow for abundance 

  • Be given sacred tools and practices that will support you to anchor and sustain this new rarified frequency 

  • Be prepared for ongoing expansion and the continued unfolding of your evolution

  • Learn how to step into the mystery where miracles happen


We are safe within the Sacred Fire.

It is time to activate our Essence Light and 

ignite our spiritual hearts. 


Come, step into embodied leadership

as Love. 

We are the light that dawns,

awakening the collective heart of humanity. 


We are not so much "healing" as we are integrating our light and shadow, returning to balance, harmony, and wholeness.


We take this journey for ourselves first!


Then, in doing so, we pave the way, assisting others to do the same—as way showers, lamp lifters and forerunners for the new human paradigm.


This is where living truly begins!


This is where the star in your heart ignites.

This is where the life that you always dreamed possible starts to become your reality.


This is where the Sun Heart guides.

This is where you become a walking embodiment of Love.


And … this is where, together, we begin transforming the world.



This 3 month program is for you if you: 


  • Know it’s time to put yourself first

  • Are ready to amplify and sustain the love you

      truly are

  • Feel a longing to change and realize that your evolution, your awakening, is a priority in your life

  • Know that being a change agent means that you need to start within yourself

  • Long to have more fulfilling relationships 

  • Wish to ignite your soul purpose

  • Desire conscious community and sacred mirroring from like-hearted others

  • Are ready to bring your light into the world


It’s time to come home to yourself in a profound way and walk the Earth with your Sun Heart ignited, lifting the lamp of your radiance in your evolutionary path of awakening.


“I have truly found my voice and 

reclaimed my passions and power 

through this magical time. If you have 

the opportunity to work with Eden, 

if you are called to do this work, 

I cannot recommend her enough. 

I'm forever grateful to have her as a 

teacher, mentor, and sister.” 


Jenna Devine


It’s the light of divine love emanating from within your heart center. 


It’s the starseed ignited and the blossoming open of your spiritual heart. 


It’s the activation of Buddhic, Christic, and Edenic seeing.


Another way to view this is the Sun Heart awakens the “eye” of unity consciousness and unconditional love that “sees” beyond the illusion of separation. It sees beauty as it surrounds and it magnetizes grace, abundance, and love because it vibrates at the same frequency.

A grateful, open, joyful heart is a gateway to heaven on earth. 

Why Awaken Your

Sun Heart?

The purpose of awakening your Sun Heart is to activate unity consciousness and return to your inherent wholeness and sovereignty. 


When you awaken the sun within your heart, you begin feeling the source of light, peace, truth, unconditional love, and infinite wisdom radiating,

like a star, from the center-point of your being. 


You understand your body is a holy temple. 


This activates an ancient marriage ritual with the beloved within. This is where Divine Union begins … within.


Awakening your Sun Heart opens you to receive the Divine Masculine that inter-penetrates with the Divine Feminine in the holy temple of your heart; this is a return to wholeness, union, and grace.


“I feel now excited to boldly open and face all fears and appearances of darkness with this newborn conviction, confidence and loving, awareness of all-goodness (or

"God-ness") that knows no opposite. For this I am truly blessed.” 


Matthew Mackay



To Commune With the Inner Beloved, 

is to

Experience Divine Union Within


Some call it your soul. 


So, why call your soul the beloved? 


In indigenious First Nations (North American) spirituality and Jungian archetypal work, the soul is considered the opposite gender from your body: for men, the soul is the anima; for women, the soul is the animus.


When you connect to your soul-essence at a deeply embodied level of direct communion, you enact the sacred act of inner marriage: this is divine union. 


This begins a radical return to wholeness as you feel held and cherished by your Inner Beloved, allowing you to rest in an expansive state of sovereignty and harmony, anchoring the soul starlight in your heart.


You marry your soul as a deeply embodied communion of body and spirit. You wed your spirit to your earthly self, balancing your inner masculine and feminine, as well as your primal-divine essence. 


Hieros gamos, or inner marriage, is the union of all “apparent” splits within you—the places you felt were lost, fragmented, or broken.

This powerful rite of union is divine and life transforming. 

In divine union with your Inner Beloved… 


You no longer are willing to live a small, scared, tight, half-life. 


This remembrance impacts the heart-based choices you make in each moment. 


You’ll feel confident, courageous, honest, and loved, with an innate, embodied knowing of who you truly are. 


Through the hieros gamos initiation, you restore the balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine essence within yourself. Your interpersonal relationships then come into balance and harmony. 


It’s from this empowered state that you are able to magnetize the beings who’ll meet you in the new, powerful frequency you’re holding. 


...So, not only do you improve your current relationships (because you’re grounded/aligned/connected to Source), you also cultivate new healthy and empowering relationships that are beyond your wildest dreams. 



Are you prepared to leave behind confusion and chaos born from separation consciousness? 

Are you ready to be relieved of the anxiety, drama, reactivity, and negative projections?


Are you ready to alchemically marry your Inner Beloved and emanate a frequency that commands sacredness in all relationships in your life?


We are the ones we’ve been seeking.

There is no one who needs to be saved.

We have come Home.


Are You Ready to Enter a Powerful Journey 

to Embody This Divine Union Within?



During the 3 months we’re together, you will also: 


  • Be supported by a beautiful community 

  • Remember the love that you truly are—then embody it  

  • Feel your inherent self-worth & a secure self-holding

  • Transmute drama, reactivity and negative projections

  • Experience quantum transmutation of unconscious programming  

  • Reclaim your passion and your authentic voice

  • Connect to your creative power and purpose 

  • Trust your heart’s knowing & truth

  • Set yourself free from needing validation or approval

  • Begin transforming all of your relationships

  • Magnetize new relationships beyond your wildest dreams

  • Understand your interconnectedness to all beings and the earth 


One time payment of $699


2 payments of $369 ​

(1st payment at the time of registration)


4 monthly payments of $199

(1st payment at the time of registration)



Online Initiation

Live, online weekly Zoom group classes, mentoring, assignments, and homework  



Online Group + Private Mentoring

The following packages are available to a limited number of participants and require an application & interview.


SunShine: Online + Private Mentoring—By Application & Interview Only

(Limited to 13 people)

  • Everything in “SunRise”

  • 3 private 1:1 mentoring sessions (60 mins, recorded) usually priced at $999

  • Eligible to attend SunBurst/Sun Heart in-person retreat (May 7-10, 2020 in California)

$369 Deposit (due at registration and refundable)

Payment Options, If Accepted:

  • 1 payment of $1000 (at interview)

  • 2 payments of $500

  • 4 monthly payments of $250



$1,369 total



Online Group, Private Mentoring + 

In-person Retreat

If you receive in-person 1:1 mentoring, you are eligible to participate in the in-person retreat.


The in-person retreat is May 7-10, 2020 in the North Bay area of California and only available to a select group of people who are committed to walking the path of the Sun Heart.


SunBurst: Online + Private Mentoring + In-Person Retreat—By Application & Interview Only

(Limited to 13 people)

  • Everything in “SunRise”

  • 3 private 1:1 mentoring sessions (60 mins, recorded) : usually priced at $999

  • 3 day, in-person retreat (May 7-10, 2020; Bay Area California; does not include travel or accommodation; includes 1 nourishing, healthy catered meal a day- Usually priced at: $1,999


$969 Deposit (due at registration and refundable)

Payment Options, If Accepted:

  • 1 payment of $2,000 (at interview)

  • 2 payments of $1000

  • 4 monthly payments of $500


$2,969 total



I’m excited to receive you into the Sun Heart temple. The following are 3 different ways for us to work together.


Choose which one is best for you and begin the transformation by joining now.

Join Now



  1. Sun Heart Mastery Circle: 90 minute Live Group Video Call with a special Shamanic Soul Song activation to invoke the remembrance of your divine essence. This will serve as a foundation for us to be the pillars of this great work, coming together in intimate communion. Q&A session at the end so we can get to know one another even more. ($130 value)

  2. Archetypal Embodiment Series: 10 videos including intros and instructions on how to use the embodiment practices, sound transmissions, mudras, mantras, and the gentle, deeply feminine, flow yoga in your daily life.​ ($300 value)


“I remember the love that I am, I am committed to be the love that I am, I now radiate the love that I am to the world: I embody the goddess in me.  That is what this course has gifted to me, and to ALL whom I touch.”



  • Connect to the Divine Feminine within you

  • Have an embodied experience of a safe haven within

  • Create a foundation of worthiness, lovability, and expansive inner presence

This is necessary in order to do this powerful work without losing your center, since it touches on our core wounds.

WEEK 1-2

  • Heal the victim-perpetrator dynamic that keeps you stuck and disempowered so you can heal your relationships

  • Resolve issues of mistrust and betrayal with others—and your relationship to intimacy

WEEK 3-4

  • Open your intuitive channels so you can deepen your innate healing power

  • Move from victim/perpetrator consciousness in your relationships to equanimity and empowered presence in your life

WEEK 5-6

  • Tune into what needs to be dismantled and destroyed (patterns) for your liberation and empowerment

  • Learn the key to healthy anger and activate your authentic voice and truth

  • Allow the Shadow Feminine, the darker faces of rage, be seen and touched without any resistance or denial, so it doesn’t come out as unconscious reactivity in your interactions with others

WEEK 7-8

  • Learn the truth about power, dismantling control, and activating real empowered choice and freedom: sovereignty

  • Allow the Shadow Masculine to be seen and touched without any resistance or denial, so it doesn’t need to be mirrored by your relationships as aggression from others or within you towards others.

WEEK 9-10

  • Heal the split within so you can stop projecting your unhealed animus or anima onto others. Your soul is genderless, but your spirit is of the opposite gender as your body, known in Jungian psychology as your anima or animus

  • Enact an ancient inner marriage rite to come into balance and wholeness, which frees you to see from empowered wholeness so you can choose from your truth in each moment

WEEK 11-12

  • Begin a new conversation about vulnerability and intimacy that will change your life and relationships forever

  • Activate your birthright of unique creativity as an empowered sovereign being anchor your new frequency as a role model for the collective and in your relationship paradigm with others in your life


  • Do I have to apply?
    No. Only the private mentoring- SunShine and SunBurst programs require an application and interview. There is no application for the Sunrise level. If you know you are ready for the SunShine or SunBurst levels, and have not already applied, please click here to do so. You’ll be asked to submit a deposit, given an application, and a link to schedule a 30 minute illumination call. If for any reason it feels like the program is not a good fit, you will be refunded your deposit.
  • When will the live Zoom calls be taking place?
    The Sun-Heart temple will open on June 24th, at 2 p.m. PST. This first temple call is to ceremonially set the space and our intentions. The remaining calls take place on Wednesdays from 2–3:30 p.m. PST.
  • What if I can’t make all of the live teaching calls?
    You can watch the recordings and then share your experiences and questions in the Facebook group where Eden will be offering support.
  • What do I need to attend?
    Mobile device, tablet, or computer with strong enough wifi/bandwidth to stream live calls. Ideally you will attend the calls in a quiet place where you can have focused, uninterrupted time as these are participatory calls where we will do guided meditations, journeys and journaling on deepening questions. A journal is also recommended.
  • How much time per week, outside of the live calls, should I expect to dedicate to homework and/or deepening practices?"
    With this archetypal work, “you get out what you put into it” couldn’t be more true. It is also highly personal work and what amount of time feels resonant or sufficient will be unique to each participant. As a general guideline, given what will be covered, at least an additional 1.5–2 hrs per week is recommended.
  • Is this program only for women?
    No, it is for all beings who are ready to come into balance with their Divine Feminine and Masculine essence. All genders, non-binary, trans, etc. are welcome to this program; it is for everyone..
  • What is your refund policy?
    Your satisfaction with this journey is a priority for me. If you don’t love the Sun Heart Initiation or feel it’s resonant, please let us know BEFORE May 1st, 2019 and you will receive a full refund of monies paid MINUS the $300 admin fee. There is no refund after May 1st.



"I am filled with love and gratitude as I think about how powerful my transformation has been while working with Eden. She has crafted a program that is the perfect container for powerful alchemical work. I was able to heal in so many ways while being supported by a beautiful supportive community. I have truly found my voice and reclaimed my passions and power through this magical time.  If you have the opportunity to work with Eden, if you are called to do this work, I cannot recommend her enough. I'm forever grateful to have her as a teacher, mentor, and sister."


"I was in search of secret answers as to how to have a relationship with men that is fulfilling and deep and satisfying, and I found some answers around that, but I found the most precious and deep and beautiful thing within myself- and that is the union of my masculine and feminine energy. This gift is something that i will treasure and take with me along my path for the rest of my life. The marriage of my inner masculine and feminine energy is something that I believe I had been searching for decades, possibly my whole life- the feeling of completeness and unconditional love- that feeling that I was looking for in someone else- to feel held- what I have gained in this temple is the ability to truly hold myself- and that is truly priceless and the biggest gift I can give to myself, the biggest gift I can give to my children and the biggest gift I can give to any beloved partner I have. It is a great gift to give to the world- vibrating and loving myself unconditionally is truly transforming." 


"After working with Eden I felt my truest, most divine, most pure Essence Self flowing through me, and holy shit, it felt amazing! In short, I feel I'm a different person. A more ME person. And I can't wait to dive in with Eden for more."


"Eden Amadora embodies and transmits absolute unconditional love with extraordinary sensitivity and care.

The Divine Mother radiates from her vast, resounding heart. She fiercely and compassionately challenges us to embrace ourselves totally while stripping away all masks that hide our own truest divine essence. Thank you Eden for being a bright and powerful Ally and Angel on my path."


Ordained 13 Moon Priestess and trained yogic and shamanic practitioner with 15 years experience as a somatic integration coach for men and women.


Beloved, our empowered presence and the deep well of love within our awakened hearts is the change this world needs for our future generations.


You are that beautiful, magnificent and powerful. I’m speaking to that part of your heart that knows that you’re a force of love and change when you remember your essence. It’s time to take more responsibility and step into your sovereignty as an empowered, embodied activist of love.

Come join me for this rare and potent alchemical journey that will change your life and our world!

NOTE FROM Eden Amadora

© 2019, Eden Amadora. All Rights Reserved. 

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