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Warrior. King. Lover. Magician.

These archetypes live within you.

Are they in balance?

Are you living in their light or shadow qualities?



Hello and welcome beloved.


Have you been feeling called on a deep level to come into the fullness of your potential as a balanced conscious man? Do you recognize areas of your life that are out of balance?


For example, you’re confident and bold in your career and it is flourishing- but at the cost of your relationship/s that you feel quite lost in or disheartened about? Or are you a deeply sensitive man who can be very present with others but is longing to feel more confident, decisive, clear, be able to take action, and show up more fearlessly for what is most needed in your bigger life vision?


Have you been seeking healing around your relationship with the feminine and struggling within your relationships with women? Are you longing to heal your “mother wound”?

It is my great joy and honor to lovingly initiate men into the remembrance of their sacred masculine essence. From this integrated place within them they are reminded of their authentic power, restored their confidence and deeper sense of inner peace as well as opened up to a new sense of emotional availability that the women in their lives long for.


Do you wish to learn new tools that would serve you to be able to deepen your capacity to listen and hold space for women without reacting quickly to their emotions and be able to feel neutral and calm while embodying a safe space for women to feel held in  to return to their loving nature and to keep moving towards you?


I am here to help you to learn to authentically access the language of love that women respond to and blossom towards.


I am an initiator and ordained priestess. It is my honor to hold space for men who are ready to face and integrate their shadow patterns within archetypal initiation work. I act as a transformational coach and a spiritual guide for their journeys at critical moments that enable them to transition through challenging  patterns and relational dynamics to create a new template of integrated balance for them to navigate more masterfully from in all arenas of their life.


Women perceive men to be sexy, strong, safe and wonderful in their Warrior King archetype. For it is in this “sword-bearing” aspect that they can hold us in the safe presence this provides and invite us, even challenge us, to rise into our higher integrity. This is the more divine or “light” side of the masculine. Are you ready to activate your leadership skills, grounded guardian energy, strong presence while still being able to dedicate enough of your focus on creating and maintaining fulfilling relationships?


Women also long for men to activate their inner Magician Lover archetypes to be able to communicate more skillfully and respond to us with more integrated and authentic emotional capacity, attuning to our more heart centered needs.


I will support you in finding new secure pathways to awaken your responsivity and the heart centered presence that will allow you to masterfully embody giving and receiving attention, affection and sensual exchange with women.


Presented by

Eden Amadora


Ordained 13 Moon Priestess and trained shamanic practitioner with 15 years experience as a somatic integration coach for men and women.






“I came into the priestess work with Eden feeling like a blank slate. I leave feeling bountiful like a lighthouse calling others home, full of my feminine essence and creative juice.”


“Eden offers a unique opportunity to drop our masks, our fears, our limitations and step fully into the conscious, loving beings we are." - Sonya Stewart


“Eden’s ability to dance between fierce grace and radical mirroring of what is true allows shadow parts to be seen and transmuted into love.” - MK


 ~•~•~•~  SOUL INITIATION WORK ~•~•~•~       


Spiritual guidance and soul initiation work with me is different than other kinds of traditional coaching in that it will involve guided meditation, ritual, sound, movement and embodiment practices, hands on healing, breathwork and emotional release work as well as deep inquiry and honest reflection.


At times, as we experience growth on a soul/vibrational level, physical discomfort may occur because we are changing our belief patterns and way of seeing on a quantum level. As we process information on the spirit level, our bodies process this information as well and can do so more slowly or in a way that we notice more readily as discomfort. This is quite common and even to be expected; we embrace this as an alchemical process, much like the process of the changes a caterpillar must go through before it becomes the butterfly that emerges from the chrysalis.


 ~•~•~•~  ARCHETYPAL WORK ~•~•~•~       

Initiatory work with me is held in an archetypal container. This is different from working on a personality level. For example, the energy of operating on a personality level being a “duck’s quack” versus the potency of archetypal energy being a “thunder clap.”  This provides you with a power that lives within the archetypal realm which gets to the core of who you truly are.


Archetypal work is not about getting a better, faster, stronger, smarter ego or more “worldly success.“


Archetypal work is powerful because it ultimately provides an accelerated pathway for you to experience authentic fulfillment and soulful empowerment. It is a path of integration and balancing that opens you to your self sovereignty, emotional fluidity and availability, deeper compassion, inner peace, equanimity, healthier boundaries, more availability for intimacy, renewal of your creative spark, clarity and integrity, trust of your inner knowing, raising the bar on the vision of your life, honoring cycles of rest and renewal, ecstatic embodiment and spiritual wholeness.

Before continuing on to review the program outline and submitting

your application, I invite you to watch this short video introduction to

ground into the vibration of this work and my intention in doing it.

Awakening the Sun Heart is brought to you by 

A dedicated Temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School

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