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Awakening the Sun Heart:

3 Keys for Women to Call Forth the Sacred Masculine & Heal Our Relationships with Men

Upon registering, you will be sent a link to attend as well as a follow up replay link if unable to attend live.

Beloved, come, heal the wounds of separation and create harmony with the masculine during this activating, free, online class.


Many of us have suffered from the very deep and painful wound of feeling separated and disconnected from the masculine; because of this wound, we often experience relationship struggles with men.


And now, women and men are yearning for connection that’s rooted in grace and transcends the old stories.


Are you called to create more authentic, harmonious, and satisfying

relationships with men?


Are you ready to call forth the Sacred Masculine Essence?

YES! I want to claim my spot now!

During our journey you will:

  • Discover the real cause of the gender divide: Simply recognizing this perspective can bring immediate peace and deeper understanding between you and men.

  • Receive the keys to have happier, healthier, more harmonious relationships with all the men in your life, even if you feel like you can’t trust the masculine or you are deeply angry with men right now.

  • Find out the real reason many women feel like men aren’t evolving or waking up as fast as they are.

  • See where you are diminishing your own power and how you can find it to become a more effective change agent.

You'll receive:

  • 3 Keys to create harmony with the masculine, plus dispel 3 myths that keep you feeling a painful separation from men.

  • Direct transmission and Practices to activate your “Sun Heart”—the part of you who is sovereign, whole, balanced, and in communion with self and others.   

  • Activation to ignite your commitment to create harmony within yourself and with the men in your life.


We’ve had thousands of years of imprinting from the dysfunctional patriarchy that causes us to feel guarded around our hearts … and separate from men. This makes it challenging to trust.


Many of us feel incredibly disenchanted and disheartened in our beautiful souls as women.


These beliefs and conditioning inside of us that block our creative joy and evolution—and this state of disheartenment—are blocks to our true rising as women...which then in turns creates discord with our relationships with men.

Come, take your place to transcend the old myths and create a pathway for loving, whole relationships with the masculine.  

Presented by

Eden Amadora


Ordained 13 Moon Priestess and trained shamanic practitioner with 15 years experience as a somatic integration coach for men and women.






“I came into the priestess work with Eden feeling like a blank slate. I leave feeling bountiful like a lighthouse calling others home, full of my feminine essence and creative juice.”


“Eden offers a unique opportunity to drop our masks, our fears, our limitations and step fully into the conscious, loving beings we are." - Sonya Stewart


“Eden’s ability to dance between fierce grace and radical mirroring of what is true allows shadow parts to be seen and transmuted into love.” - MK

Get a sneak preview of what I'll be illuminating in this very special free Masterclass with you...

Awakening the Sun Heart is brought to you by 

with special thanks to the 13 Moon Mystery School

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