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Explore, Embody & Express Your Archetypal Goddess      with Priestess Eden Amadora

Moonly Transmissions: A Free Online 13-Moon Mini Course

Beloveds, do you want to invite the Goddess into your life?


  • Do you feel like you have denied your Feminine side for too long?

  • Have you been keeping your heart shielded and closed to true intimacy?

  • Do you struggle with self doubt, and have trouble trusting yourself?

  • Do you feel like you are constantly giving your energy and power to
    please others
    at the cost of denying your own self care?

  • Do you feel stuck in a half life, like there is a greater story wishing to be lived into?


I am offering a FREE 13 Moon Archetypal monthly transmission to give you a taste of Divine Feminine initiatory practices, meditations, imagery, songs and poetry that will help awaken your remembrance of yourself as an embodiment of Her.


Each Moon, you will discover a new face of the Goddess so that you can:

  • Open up to feel how She resonates and lives through you and finally connect with your Feminine essence

  • Soften your heart, allowing for deeper intimacy and connection with others

  • Gain a deeper sense of self trust so you can navigate your life with confidence and ease

  • Experience a re-emergence of vitality and creative life force energy by doing these powerful practices

  • Balance your feminine essence with your empowered presence and reclaim your place as a Sovereign Queen


If you are called, Sister, I invite you to enter your first name and email address and join us!

The Temple Doors are open. We await you!

Your Sister in the One Heart,


Eden Amadora

Sign Up for Eden's Moonly Transmissions

By signing up, you may also receive other inspired transmissions from time to time.

Sign Up for Eden's

Moonly Transmissions

By signing up, you may also receive other inspired transmissions from time to time.

About Eden Amadora

Eden Amadora is an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School. Her passion is for witnessing the incredible transformation that occurs when she creates and holds ceremonial space, offering a sacred container for others to have an embodied experience of working with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine.
Eden is gifted at holding unconditionally loving space and simultaneously being a fierce voice of truth. She is a conduit for soul guidance, as she supports and mirrors her clients. She lives with one foot in the archetypal realm, holding others in their highest essence helping them to transmute their shadow - or stuck old patterns - into more self-love and empowered presence, allowing them the freedom to fully live their unique mythic story.

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